Come from behind win for Tom Brandes at Pacific Northwest Senior Men’s Amateur Championship

Pacific Northwest Senior Men's Amateur Championship

*Image credit: Pacific Northwest Golf Association

Blaine, Washington (PNGA) – Tom Brandes of Bellevue, Wash. came from behind in the final round to successfully defend his title and win the 53rd Pacific Northwest Senior Men’s Amateur Championship, while John Gallacher of Burnaby, B.C. went wire-to-wire for the title in the 8th Pacific Northwest Super Senior Men’s Amateur.

The two championships were held concurrently at Semiahmoo Golf & Country Club and Loomis Trail Golf Club, both of which are located in Blaine, Wash. The championships were conducted by the Pacific Northwest Golf Association (PNGA).

Click here for complete final hole-by-hole scoring of the Senior Men’s, and click here for scoring for the Super Senior Men’s. Follow along with the conversation at #PNGASrMensAm.

Brandes started today’s final round four shots behind second-round leader Pat O’Donnell of Happy Valley, Ore., but the wild swing in momentum came on today’s front nine when O’Donnell shot 5-over and Brandes shot even-par to take a 1-shot advantage heading into the back nine.

“With the rain coming down for the first five holes today, it was tough playing, and I knew that if could just shoot around even par, I should be able to make up some ground,” Brandes said.

It had become a two-man race, with Brandes and O’Donnell five shots clear of their next nearest competitor. Also, the players are good friends and had been rooming together this week during the championship, and were riding in the same cart in today’s final round.

Brandes still held that slim one-shot advantage standing on the 18th tee, but bogeyed the final hole, and when O’Donnell parred it, the two players went to extra holes to decide the outcome.

“Pat made a great par on 18 to force the playoff,” Brandes said. “The rain came back for our last two holes, and Pat didn’t flinch and that was the difference.”

On the second playoff hole, O’Donnell’s second shot plugged in a greenside bunker and he had to take an unplayable lie. Brandes two-putted for par for the title.

This is the fourth title in this championship for Brandes, having also won in 2012, 2013 and 2016. Last week, Brandes won the Washington Senior Open.

When asked how he’s able to keep his streak of good play going, Brandes said, “Staying healthy when you’re 60 is a big part of it. I love to play and love to compete, so as long as I have those two things I’ll keep going.”

O’Donnell had been named the 2016 PNGA Senior Men’s Player of the Year, having won the 2016 Oregon Senior Amateur and Oregon Senior Stroke Play.

In the Super Senior Amateur, Gallacher fired a 1-under 71 in the first round and never looked back. He followed it up with consecutive 1-over 73s in the second and third rounds, finishing three shots ahead of second-place finishers Gudmund Lindbjerg of Port Moody, B.C. and Lance Lundy of Pemberton, B.C.

Gallacher had won the 2014 PNGA Men’s Senior Team Championship with Lindbjerg as his partner.

Tom Kubisa of Bremerton, Wash., who won this title last year, finished tied for fourth.
“We were pretty even all the way through, and we all played really well,” Gallacher said. “Conditions were tough, with the rain most of the day and the wind picking up. The course held up, and the greens were really good.”

Later this summer Gallacher will be playing in the Canadian Senior Amateur as well as the British Senior Amateur.

The PNGA was founded on February 4, 1899. It is a 501c3 charitable, international, amateur golf association dedicated to preserving the true spirit of golf by supporting its allied associations, conducting quality championships, and promoting activities beneficial to golfers in the Pacific Northwest. For more than a century, the Association has been a pioneer in developing competitions and services and its mission has grown and evolved. Today, the PNGA remains committed to being a truly regional organization providing benefits and services to its members and member clubs throughout the Northwest.

53rd Pacific Northwest Senior Men’s Amateur

*Tom Brandes, Bellevue, WA                     73-71-73-217
Pat O’Donnell, Happy Valley, OR               69-71-77-217
Norman Bradley, Kelowna, BC                   76-70-76-222
John Bracken, Seattle, WA                          69-76-78-223
Chris Sonnichsen, Richland, WA                 75-74-76-225
Bob Burton, Everett, WA                             72-76-77-225
Sandy Harper, Nanaimo, BC                        76-73-76-225
Roger Gilhespy, Chilliwack, BC                   79-72-75-226
Brad Karns, Vancouver, WA                        74-73-80-227
Gene Cook, Woodinville, WA                      77-77-75-229
Richard Jonson, Seattle, WA                       75-79-75-229
Brian Graham, New Westminster, BC      81-72-77-230
Jim McNelis, Gig Harbor, WA                      77-77-77-231
Luke Wilson, Tacoma, WA                           77-80-74-231
Rich Evenson, Mercer Island, WA              74-78-79-231
Dave Gazley, Richmond, BC                        74-78-80-232
Earl MacPherson, Surrey, BC                      76-77-80-233
Keith Crimp, Ellensburg, WA                       77-77-79-233
Per Hansen, Delta, BC                                   79-81-73-233
Tom Phillips, Scottsdale, AZ                        74-72-87-233
Tom Prevost, McMinnville, OR                   78-81-74-233
Karl Smith, Gig Harbor, WA                         80-79-75-234
Tom Lewis, Bonney Lake, WA                     79-77-78-234
Keith Bonner, Coquitlam, BC                      75-78-83-236
Duane Diede, Everett, WA                           74-79-83-236
Bill Lauzon, Burnaby, BC                              76-79-82-237
Paul Houvener, Mill Creek, WA                  83-75-79-237
Tim Cameron, Everett, WA                          79-83-75-237
Brad Carey, Lake Oswego, OR                    78-85-74-237
John Ball, Whistler, BC                                 78-80-80-238
Bernie Bolokoski, West Kelowna, BC        77-82-80-239
Patrick McCullough, Kennewick, WA        77-78-84-239
Robert Conroy, Yakima, WA                        71-80-89-240
Robert Choy, Richmond, BC                        77-83-80-240
Marty Browne, Scottsdale, AZ                    79-84-77-240
Dan Pickens, Pocatello, ID                           78-82-81-241
Marty Loberg, Bow, WA                               82-76-84-242
Bill Hood, Beaverton, OR                             81-81-81-243
Jim Dempsey, Blaine, WA                            80-77-87-244
Rick Montgomery, Kelowna, BC                 79-78-87-244
Dave Schrenk, Fox Island, WA                    78-86-80-244
Wayne Schaeffer, Kelowna, BC                  83-80-82-245
Gary Heselton, Surrey, BC                           86-79-80-245
David Foreman  Seattle, WA                       83-80-83-246
Banks Scott, Burnaby, BC                             82-81-83-246
Rob Bringardner, Snoqualmie, WA            80-86-81-247
Christopher Scott, Kirkland, WA                86-78-84-248
Harry Ferguson  Invermere, BC                   90-75-83-248
Bruce Lindstrom, Seattle, WA                     84-81-84-249
Kirk Davis, White Rock, BC                          80-86-83-249
John Geragotelis, Oak Harbor, WA            84-75-91-250
Lanny Sawchuck, Surrey, BC                       79-84-87-250
Vince Crocker, Bellingham, WA                  79-82-89-250
Pete Guay, Kirkland, WA                              84-85-82-251
Ron Janney, Colbert, WA                             88-81-82-251
Steve MacDonald, Whistler, BC                 83-80-91-254
Doug Marshall, Redmond, WA                   81-87-88-256
Jim Ihnot, Kirkland, WA                                82-87-88-257
Steven Shroyer, Seattle, WA                       80-90-87-257
Jeff Ross, Mercer Island, WA                      80-84-95-259
David Cameron, Kelowna, BC                     94-89-81-264
Howard Marshall, Surrey, BC                      89-89-87-265
Ray Smith, Gig Harbor, WA                         89-83-93-265
Rick Chambers, Halfmoon Bay, BC            84-89-92-265
Barry Dick, Richmond, BC                            84-94-88-266
Tom Moore, Richland, WA                          85-87-97-269
Jeff Erickson, Rathdrum, ID                         102-84-92-278
Frank Dinces, Gig Harbor, WA                    96-91-95-282
Bruce Adams, White Rock, BC                    82-83-119-284
Kelly Denessen, Snohomish, WA                74-WD
Larry Daniels, Seattle, WA                           77-WD
Mike Kerns, Seattle, WA                                             82-WD
Mark Johnson, Mountlake Terrace, WA   82-WD
Steve Leonard, Tacoma, WA                       85-WD
Rejean Canac-Marquis, Burnaby, BC        94-WD
Dale Watanabe, Woodinville, WA             WD
Charley Griswold, Bend, OR                        75-DQ
Trevor Delaney, Rosedale, BC                    83-82-NS

8th Pacific Northwest Super Senior Men’s Amateur

John Gallacher, Burnaby, BC                       71-73-73-217
Gudmund Lindbjerg, Port Moody, BC      72-74-74-220
Lance Lundy, Pemberton, BC                      74-73-73-220
Tom Kubisa, Bremerton, WA                      79-7272-223
Rick Weihe, Bellingham, WA                       77-71-75-223
Mike Jonson, Sammamish, WA                  76-73-82-231
Dave Hunter, Federal Way, WA                 82-72-78-232
Greg Kocher, Gibsons, BC                            76-77-79-232
Tom Rippon, North Vancouver, BC           74-81-79-234
Stein Swenson, Bend, OR                            78-76-82-236
John Molitor, Soap Lake, WA                      77-83-77-237
Carlton Watson, Bend, OR                          78-75-85-238
David Miller, West Vancouver, BC            79-84-75-238
Roger Pierce, Oak Harbor, WA    81           79-79-79-239
Shelton Washburn, Port Ludlow, WA       78-79-82-239
Ted King, Bellingham, WA                           75-82-83-240
John Germain, Port Ludlow, WA                78-80-83-241
Toat Brandvold  Snohomish, WA                75-82-84-241
Lance MacGregor, Delta, BC                       75-78-89-242
Ray Henry, Victoria, BC                                76-82-85-243
Terry Hodson, Surrey, BC                            81-77-85-243
John Wiebe, Surrey, BC                                80-88-77-245
Ron Petersen, Coquitlam, BC                      84-82-81-247
Douglas Stone, White Rock, BC                  82-82-83-247
Kevin Kosick, Qualicum Beach, BC             82-82-83-247
Bill Hager, Bellingham, WA                          83-86-81-250
Akira Nozaka, Grandview, WA                    85-82-83-250
Kim Wenger, Eugene, OR                            83-87-83-253
Brian Butters, Vancouver, BC                     82-83-89-254
Jay Tomlin, Sequim, WA                               83-81-90-254
Larry Haddock, Vancouver, BC                   82-86-86-254
Larry Van Ness, Clyde Hill, WA                   85-81-89-255
Ed Mackan, Richland, WA                            87-81-89-257
Al Fleckenstein, Bellevue, WA                    85-85-88-258
Bruce Simmonds, Coquitlam, BC               81-85-93-259
Charlie Wozow, Snohomish, WA               80-87-92-259
Bob Weeks, Lynden, WA                              88-84-91-263
Gary Murdoch, Juneau, AK                          89-89-87-265
Edward Soltysik, South Surrey, BC            86-94-97-277
John Sandberg, McMinnville, OR               78-80-WD
Jeff Baker, Tacoma, WA                               88-91-WD
Ivan Bern, Vancouver, BC                            102-99-WD
Gay Davis, Portland, OR                               75-WD
Alan Richardson, Bakersfield, CA               76-WD
Allan Sutherland, West Vancouver, BC    86-WD
Jim Godsby, Wasilla, AK                               88-WD

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