60 minutes Until Tee-Off…

60 minutes Until Tee-Off…

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If you have a full 60 minutes to prepare for a new career best round, you can use that time to your advantage! Unfortunately, not everybody benefits from proper preparation.

Here are some examples of ways (or ways not) to prepare for your next important round.


Chipping and putting:

Both will give you the best chance to succeed and if you only have 15-20 minutes to warm-up, this is the area to spend your time. This should be seen as a mere warm-up with thoughts of an improved technique on a temporary back burner. Competitions with a fellow golfer or a basic drill are both highly encouraged.

Limit your full swing practice:

Too much time spent on the full swing will give your mind a lot to think about, while adding fatigue. 20-40 balls is plenty, with only a small percentage of those being allocated to the driver.

Fully Hydrate:

Once your body becomes dehydrated it is very difficult to get back to hydration. Drink plenty of liquids before spending 4-7 hours in the sun.

Apply Sunscreen:

Applying sunscreen and wearing appropriate clothes are essential! Many skin diseases and cases of dehydration can be avoided with a proper game plan.


Put Pressure on yourself

A warm-up is meant to be a warm-up, nothing more, nothing less. The goal of trying to “Find it” is a dangerous one and one that may result in frustration.

Spend all of your 60 minutes in one area:

It’s true that you are to spend the largest amount of time practicing the weakest area of your game, but remember that you are not practicing, you are warming up.

If your driver is misbehaving, then you are better off adjusting your game plan (More 3 woods) Then trying to fix the technique.

Compare yourself to other players:

There may be others that drive farther, or those who can seemingly make every putt, but that is not relevant to you playing your best golf! Only playing to your strengths and good preparation will see you succeed.

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Jeff Dinn
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Jeff DInn is a Golf Professional instructing out of Fairwinds Golf Club in Nanoose Bay. He has over 20 years of competitive playing experience to go along with 5+ years of time spent teaching/coaching. Jeff believes that the majority of golfers could improve much quicker if they applied the correct concepts and practice routines. Jeff has taught golfers of all ages and abilities and in 2016 he served as the head coach for the Vancouver Island team at the BC Summer Games. To learn more about Jeff please visit his website at jeffdinn.com.

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